Our produced “cutting dies” are not something you see in your daily life.

However, many products, from candy packaging to smartphone LCD films, are made using them.

KIRIORI was launched with the purpose of proposing new products and solving problems based on “die-cutting” technology.

It is still a relatively unknown technology, but it has great potential for growth.

Just as one can create various shapes of packages from a single sheet of paper, we will shape everyone's challenges and thoughts with the “die-cutting” technology.

KIRIORI Hiromasa Takahashi

What you can do with KIRIORI

"In addition to its own product development,
KIRIORI supports clients in developing products based on die-cutting technology, from product planning to mass production."


We propose product planning and structural design from the cutting die and processing perspective based on the customer’s desired product concept.
We have experience in various fields such as paper products, package design, watches, leather products, and daily necessities.

Sample creation

With packaging at the core, we have a track record of designing and samples for over 500 types.
We have equipment such as sample cutting machines, laser cutting machines, and other machining tools.

sample cutting machine

laser processing machine

machining machine

Cutting die processing

Die cutting manufacturing is difficult to be done by machine, and traditionally, craftsmen meticulously produce each piece by hand. For products with high-quality, high-precision cutting die is essential.

press manufacturing

Similarly to die-cutting, stamping requires expertise.
We propose manufacturing process that meets the demand of quality, productivity, and cost by adjusting press machines according to the material size.