障がい者アート×パッケージ KAKEHASHI-BOX

Through packages that incorporates artworks created by people with disabilities,
we aim to help connect society with those people with disabilities,
and to increase profit and solve social issues.

Full of talents

Many people with disabilities love to draw.
Their artworks are created with a straightforward sensibility,
and they are creative and impressive, which far exceeds our imagination.
Profit is not our first priority.
The purpose of our business is to incorporate wonderful paintings (artworks) into packages, and deliver them to the public.
Full of talents

16,369 yen*

“Facilities of Employment support Type B” are places where people with illnesses or disabilities who have difficulty working in companies can receive training or work.
There are 13,117 facilities nationwide, and 269,339 people are using this service.
Most tasks they undertake involve simple operations, like packing. The average monthly wage earned is quite low.
In reality, about 30% of the workers earn below 5,000 yen.

*Data from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (2019).

Features of our business


The burden on people with disabilities does not increase.

While the amount of work might increase, leading to longer working hours,
the intensity of the tasks remains unchanged.

Long-term & continuous support

Part of the package fees you pay will be used to pay for facilities and the individuals with disabilities.
Unlike one-off support like donations, we will provide assistance continuously in the long-term.

Initial cost Expense for cutting die (Partial)

A cutting die that matches production equipment used in the packaging company is required.
We will bear part of the cost of the cutting die.
※Costs for printing plate and prototype may be charged separately.
※Conditions apply for partial or full coverage based on annual box contract numbers.

Optimal packaging proposal

Expertise in shape and structural design of package is required.
As a die-cutting manufacturer with 75 years of history, we have been involved in numerous package designs.
Leveraging our know-how, we offer the best packaging solutions tailored to your product.

Recognition of company working on social welfare

Packages are seen by many people in distribution and at stores.
The company gains widespread recognition for supporting individuals with disabilities and contributing to social welfare.

Please let us propose a revision or change to the packaging you currently use.

We will offer suggestions on shape, design, and arrangements for mass production.

the work

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