Environmentally friendly cutlery of high-strength, water-resistant, beautifully designed

Amu is an environmentally-friendly paper cutlery (spoon & fork) that achieves high strength through its unique 'torsional' shape.

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8 million tons annually

That's the amount of plastic flowing into the oceans every year.
Starting in April 2022, due to the Plastic Resource Circulation Act,
it will be charged for plastic spoons.
By 2050, it's estimated that the amount of plastic waste in the ocean will surpass the total amount of fish.
The environmental impact of discarded plastics is a growing concern worldwide.

Eco-friendly material that returns to nature

Amu is biodegradable and compostable, an environmentally-friendly cutlery that naturally returns to the environment.
We believe it's crucial to use recyclable materials, considering the environment for the next generation and the future of our planet.

Amu - Four key features

Uses "Ellipura (+) Plus" developed as a plastic substitute

"High strength", "Water-resistant", "Oil-resistant"
High-density thick paper.

100% virgin pulp
"FSC Certified Paper".

It naturally decomposes even if the material is accidentally released into the sea or mountains.

Daio Paper “Elipura (+) Plus”
details →20200604_1.pdf (

High strength & good design

Paper cutlery is weaker than plastic ones in terms of strength.
Our unique "torsional structure" provides enhanced strength.
This "torsional structure" not only contributes to strength but also brings about functional and three-dimensional design elements.


Before use, it is in a flat state.
Even for ten sets, the thickness is only about 1 cm!
It is also ideal item to be prepared for disaster.

Original product

Given the paper's unique features, printing is possible.
You can use it to create corporate logos or original products for events and exhibitions.

basic specifications

〈 spoon 〉


〈 fork 〉


〈 simple spoon 〉


〈 knife 〉