Nori lab

new, beautiful, delicious

Applying the technology of punching out LCD films of smartphones with high precision,
we propose new usage such as delicate lace patterns, characters, and letters.

Application examples

Do you want to deliver your message to the public by decorating your corporate logo, characters, etc. deliciously with original nori?

Lace seaweed

Seaweed cut into a delicate lace design.
This changes the traditional association of seaweed with Japanese cuisine and suggests its new usage, such as to be applied in Western dishes.

Yamagata nori

Seaweed cut in the shape of Yamagata Prefecture.
It is well created with attention to detail.

Koma nori

Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture is Japan's top producer of Shogi pieces.
Shape of this seaweed is inspired by these familiar Shogi pieces.

Original products

We offer original products using carefully selected domestic seaweed for character designs, logos, or letters.
New product promotion through social media and Instagram.

Integrated Manufacturing System

From the product concept, we support the entire process from design, mold manufacturing, to packaging.
We aim to produce products tailored to customers' needs.

Installment payments for mold

The highest initial cost is for the "cutting die."
Similar to payment for mobile phones, we offer installment plans to reduce the financial burden on our customers.


Made with Japanese nori

6 cuts

For ramen toppings, etc.

8 cuts

most common size

logo etc.

original size