“Shape of Folding” Wall-mounted rack made of cardboard

It is a lightweight and eco-friendly wall-mounted rack made by folding the cardboard.
It is a popular product overseas that is inspired by “origami,”
which has been popular in Japan since ancient times.

【Utility model obtained】

It can be assembled without the use of scissors or cutters, ensuring safety even for kids.
[Assembly time: About 20 minutes.]

You can make your own unique ORI-TANA by decorating with masking tape, painting, or drawing on it.

basic specifications

〈 OT-010 〉

Size (mm): W400 x H725
Weight: 650g
Material: Cardboard
A4 holder x3

〈 OT-010S 〉

Size (mm):
Material: Cardboard
A4 holder x2

〈 OT-020 〉

Size (mm): W400 x H315
Weight: 315g
Material: Cardboard

Key hook x4
Storage pocket x3

〈 OT-030 〉

Size (mm): W400 x H555
Weight: 450g
Material: Cardboard

Key hook x4
A4 holder x1
Storage pocket x2

Color variations

Surface: Blue / Center material: Green
Surface: Gray / Center material: Blue
Surface: White / Center material: Red