KIRIORI is a brand that was born from Takahashi Keisei Corporation, a precision die-cutting manufacturer founded in 1943.

Takahashi Keisei Inc. specializes in precision cutting dies that requires high dimensional accuracy.
They are used in the production of smartphone LCD films that are popular worldwide.
Since product development is conducted based on die-cutting technology,
they can develop products that cannot be replicated.

Cutting die processing

Cutting die is used to punch out (cut) sheet-like materials with a blade, similar to a cookie cutter.
Since it uses a blade to cut, it has a beautiful cut surface without burning like laser processing.
Optional processing such as folding line processing, emboss processing that gives unevenness to the surface,
and fine piercing is also possible.

Embossing + punching

Fold line processing

Characteristics of cutting die processing

Initial costs for cutting die is high,
but the processing cost per sheet is cheaper than that of laser processing,
making it suitable for mass production.

  Cutting die laser
Mass production
Fine processing
Cut surface
(cut surface)

Optional processing
Irregular processing/
folding processing

Cut only
processing material Paper (thin to thick)
wood (MDF)
plastic film
food, etc.
Paper (thin paper)
wood (MDF), etc.
others Suitable for mass production that requires a cutting die